Since completing a BA Hons at John Moores, Liverpool and MA with Distinction in Fine Art Printmaking  at Camberwell College of Arts, London in 1994, I have taught in some wonderful schools and Art departments, whilst exhibiting and creating my own work. Moving to East Anglia has afforded me the opportunity to concentrate on being an Artist alongside my teaching work and I strive to work in a way that will allow my portfolio to grow and evolve.

I allow intuition to create the element of chance whilst I manipulate the process. I like to work in a free and experimental way creating images incorporating pattern inspired by vintage wallpapers, everyday objects and natural forms made originally from drawings and photographs of my surroundings. I want to capture ‘moments’ but these images can become abstract through the process and I like allow the viewer to tell their own narrative.

The local landscape and natural form is a primary source for me because of its intrinsic joy and the beautiful surroundings that are on my doorstep. I walk every day, and have found I have become fascinating by routine. The same journey changes daily:  the people I meet, the conversations I have, the light, the colours, the weather, and the landscape. This has become my main focus. I also enjoy including objects that I particularly like and incorporate them in my work. I don’t wholly understand the feeling of mystery that surrounds them but I know I want them there. Often I find myself including the landscape in the object: the differentiation of focus is a visually complex subject. I like to question the reality between the subject and its reflection.